One week low calorie low fat recipe recommended


Low calorie, low fat, non-smoking wine spicy food, light diet, proper alkaline food, drink plenty of water. Specifically speaking:

1. Eat less and eat more: 5 to 6 meals a day, each meal is about three hours.

2. In the whole diet, you should not only include protein, carbohydrates and fats, but also basic vitamins and minerals, as well as appropriate supplements for sports nutrition.

3.  In nutrient intake, food nutrition is the main factor. Supplementary sports nutrition cannot replace normal food. It can only be taken when it cannot be balanced in normal food.

4.  The distribution of nutrition is reasonably arranged according to the different training levels, training intensity, resilience training period and nutritional conditions that can be provided.

5.  In the usual training cycle, six meals a day, the training time is scheduled at five in the afternoon, if the training time has changed, the meal arrangement and the distribution of nutrients can be adjusted appropriately.


Breakfast, oatmeal slice toast one piece low fat milk one less fried egg

Lunch, half a bowl of rice, tofu soup, diced beef diced

Afternoon tea, low sugar yogurt pineapple

Dinner, pan-fried salmon black vinegar vegetable salad


Breakfast, Boiled eggs, a whole bowl of oatmeal

Morning tea, apple one

Afternoon tea, cornmeal, a potato, fried chicken breast

Dinner, A bowl of late seasoning cabbage, grilled / fried steak 100g


Breakfast, egg, a bowl, whole wheat slice, toast, a piece

Lunch, spicy pot, tofu, fish fillet, potato chips

Dinner, white boiled greens


Breakfast, Corn cob one milk cup

Lunch, Beef soba noodles (less oil!)

Afternoon tea, Orange, a fragrant and tofu

Dinner, Egg mixed avocado a whole wheat slice toast


Breakfast, Milk oatmeal bowl, sweet potato, half a

Morning tea, Dried grapefruit and cranberry

Launch, Beef burger (without cheese)

Dinner, Black rice porridge (without sugar), tomato pea scrambled eggs


slept and got a brunch

Brunch, Sugar-free low-fat milk coffee Omelette one steak 200g

Afternoon tea, Dragon fruit, ice cream (eat once every three weeks)

Dinner, Chicken breast, soba noodles, broccoli, roasted kidney beans


Breakfast, Mung bean millet porridge Oatmeal quiche

Launch, Eat only beef and fish. Stir-fry with fresh water and then eat. The most important thing is to eat slowly and eat less. After eating for a while, you will naturally feel full! 7 points full

Dinner, Season the mashed potatoes and boil the cabbage and add a cup of milk.